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Owner, Planner & Designer


My name is Naoko Kobayashi from Wedding Scenes Inc.


I first like to congratulate you on your wedding.


We at Wedding Scenes Inc. for over 20 years we have been one of the most desired wedding planning service with a unique and unorthodox style.


With overflowing “Aloha Spirit” also known as the “Land of Smiles” here in Hawaii, we bring out the smiles and happiness within not only from the couple 

but their family, friends and everyone who is involved. We aspire to plan and produce your wedding with hospitality, quality and one-of-a-kind services.


I, myself had my own wedding over 20 years ago. I did my very best at that time to make all my wishes come true and produced my own wedding.  

My own wedding became the first wedding I produced and started what is now known as “Wedding Scenes Inc”. 


I always remember and will never forget the feeling and excitement of my wedding day and through that experience 

I understand even the littlest details have a deep and unquivering meaning to each and every wedding I produce.  Still to this day with every moment, every scene 

I produce with the same thoughts, feelings and care of that moment in time. 


Let’s make all your wishes come true with Wedding Scene Inc.

Born in Japan,

IMG_7650 2.jpg

Born in Japan currently residing in Hawaii. 

Mother of 2 Highschool aged boys.

CEO / Wedding Scenes Inc.

Published 2 books from major publication in Japan.

After leaving my post at Sony Music, I got married and moved to Hawaii. After my marriage using my resources, 

I started learning the knowhow of producing a wedding and started the more than 20 years of wedding planning career. 

With my background of Japanese culture, lifestyle, detail and service. I provide one-on-one custom planning. My easy to talk to personality has made my planning service desirable to many couples across the world.

From paper items for the special day to invitations. Welcome gift design to producing a once in a lifetime proposal. Engagement to boudoir photo shoot styling and coordination. 

Rehearsal party to table design.  I have produced, designed and coordinated all things related to a wedding. 

Based and located mainly in Hawaii. I also provided my services to mainland US and Europe such as New York, Italy, France just to name a few. Also 

producing a popular “Traditional Kimono Style” photo workshop in beautiful Kyoto, Japan. Currently traveling all over the world for couples, artists, corporations to conduct a seminar and workshop for design idea, 

planning and art direction for the weddings all over the world.

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